New Zealand Through Their Eyes – Another installment in my ongoing series where I feature participants on my workshops/tours.

Elaine R. – The image of Stirling Falls is a favorite of mine because I love  the smaller detail of the texture and movement and shapes of the of the flowing water. I’m very drawn to water and finding these details.  it’s a more intimate look at the Falls.

Louise S. – New Zealand offers dramatic light, stunning scenes, and limitless opportunity to experiment.  For me, the challenge was to learn to see and shoot in black and white. This one makes me happy.

Stephanie J. – As Tolkien said: “The greatest adventure is what lies ahead. Today and tomorrow are yet to be said. The chances and changes are yours to make. The mold of your life is in your hands to break.”

 Thank you John and Josh for an unforgettable workshop. I’m so glad I had the chance to go with you and this group. New Zealand is a country of so much sheer beauty, in my mind it is Middle Earth. It is an epic backdrop for a photographic journey – one that was full of adventure, friendship, fellowship and magic.


Jamie – I love this image because John pointed out the tree helped me realize their is more than one way to shoot a landscape.

Patricia P. – I liked the Moereki image because of the reflecting light on the rocks and water as well as the leading line of boulders into the distance.  Of course the hint of the rainbow was great as well.

Carla F. – Choosing my favorite image from this extraordinary trip was truly difficult. There were so many!On this particular morning, there was such beautiful light, fog surrounding snow capped mountains, and soft reflections over the smooth water. And I definitely have a thing for piers!

Gayle B. – When I survived wading into the rushing stream and saw the power of the mountain, I was filled with awe!

Cathy B. – You can’t drive five minutes in NZ without seeing another gorgeous view out the window as we toured on our bus. This view was was a just one of my favorites! I left part of my heart in in NZ, and will forever be a favorite of mine. Lake Gunn, New Zealand

Kris M. – Found that the beauty that is New Zealand surrounded me each and every day no matter the clouds, the rain, the snow, or the sunshine. The excitement and enthusiasm that our leaders, John Barclay and Josh Cripps shared inspired me to be “open” and to “see” the gifts of simplicity, mystery, and beauty at each location. The images “make my heart sing” all the more when I have to work for them.
Cynthia M. – I like it because it was the hanging out in the rain hoping for a shot .
Terry S. – A diving duck set off the ripples that made the reflections look like an Impressionist painting with a real plant growing out if it. That really appealed to my sense of whimsy.
Bill F. – Elephant Rocks from above

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