In May, Rad Drew, my wife and I brought a group to Tuscany.  Below is a set of images from them.  What a great trip this was!  Great food, great opportunities to make images and great people to spend time with.  Enjoy this version of “Through Their Eyes”.

Bob McCaffrey – “Cypress and Rolling Hills” has two of the elements.  The composition is simple.  The trees point the way into the hills which are well defined by the shadows.

Cindy McCaffrey –  Our, May 2018, Photography Tour with John Barclay and Rad Drew was amazing! We were presented with numerous gorgeous locations to practice our craft, making each day better than the last! The Tuscan hills, the Italian people who enjoy these locations on a daily basis, the group of participants and our gracious hosts at Il Rigo all provided details that made this Tuscan Photography Tour very special.

This image represents a bit of each those to me. It was taken out the window of our spacious suite, as the sun was setting, the first evening of our stay at Il Rigo. It provides a glimpse of the expansive grain fields combined with a bit of history, the wooden cart, columnar Italian cypress trees, on the 300 hectares that make up Il Rigo. This farm and B&B are extremely well run by  family. Luisa, Lorenza and Matthias were always cheerful, helpful and a pleasure to spend time with.


Cathy Barclay –  I was drawn to the old world charm in Tuscany. The gold light that accentuated the architecture in the Church captured my attention and I had to capture it.

Susan McAnany  –  “This image reminds me of the beauty and gorgeous light of the Tuscan landscape combined with all the knowledge gained from the inspiring trip! Thank you John and Rad.”

cypress trees and light


Carla Francis  – I chose this image because of the breathtaking landscape. Tuscany has spectacular landscapes, many photo opportunities in the small quaint towns, great food and wine, and warm people. If you haven’t traveled to this area, put it on your “to do” list. Better yet, check out John’s next Tuscany photo tour!

Terry Schroeder – Even though I usually work in black and white, the rich, warm colors in Tuscany were a delight.  The poppies were probably the prime example of visual eye candy.

Michelle Cambier – When  thinking  of the Tuscan countryside,  especially The Val d’Orcia region the  images I conjure are of vibrant neon-green rolling fields, dotted by bright red poppies. Farmhouses with snaking cypress- lined  driveways and beautiful walled hilltop towns.

Lori Ducharme – “I went to Tuscany expecting great landscapes (and great food).  I had no idea the villages would be so charming, or that we would see so many.  Before I headed into this shop for my daily dose of gelato, I watched these two elderly women having an animated conversation; I waited for a good moment and captured this shot.  PS, the gelato was delicious.”

Bill Francis –

Tim Lawson –  “Misty Morn” to me defines Tuscany.  To capture a scene like this where the sun is not obscured by fog and mist is truly a treat.  This was taken up the road from Il Rigo Agriturismo in San Querico and the early morning trek to get to a high spot on the rolling hills was worth it.  I love what a sunrise symbolizes.  A new day full of hope and possibilities.  This was one shot of many that morning that presented itself as the sun rose and slowly burnt off the cool mist of morning.

Georgette Grossman – Behind the Curtain (Cortona): The light was beautiful and I just had to capture the scene.

Carrie Turner – I experienced Tuscany as a large landscape of rolling hills and beautiful skies as well as the more intimate details of beautiful meals and hillside towns.  A delight for the eyes and for the spirit.


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