Time for another installment of “Through Their Eyes.”  This time the images are from the participants of the Glacier National Park workshop.  And yet another great group of images.  A special thanks to Chuck Kimmerle who was my co-leader for this workshop.  I think you can see the group was inspired by him and his incredible work.

Dean Cavalier – This image was taken early on in the workshop but quickly became one of my favorites. It illustrates a sense of solitude in the vast wilderness that a place like Glacier was able to provide to me.

Toni Robinson – “As I reflect back on the experiences of the workshop, it is the challenging climb to the Hidden Lake overlook that captures the essence of the trip, and the uniqueness of this national park, best for me.  The harsh beauty, the dramatic skies, the ice and snow in July of this image will more than other images bring me right back to incredible experience.”

Andrea Placer – I chose it because it has qualities I find compelling when I’m photographing or drawing: a close-up look at the beautiful detail in a natural object, wonderful textures, subtle and dramatic color changes. It’s a mini-landscape that provides a great deal of pleasure for me to view.

John DuBois – In real life and photography, the unexpected stands out.  I did not expect to see a lake scene with a docked boat in this National Park setting so it stood out and when possible during free times made several images from that area (at dawn and dusk).

Mark Keating – I’ll cherish many photos from our week in Glacier but this is one of my favourites. I like the tonal range from the bright sunbathed tree tops and the two most prominent trees in the foreground all the way down to the dark, shadowy depths of the forest. The darkest part of the image draws me in and makes me wonder what is hidden there.

Michelle Marone – This is Spirit Goat. He came walking along the ridge, there was nowhere for me to go so I stood still and quiet not knowing what he was going to do. With curiosity he approached within two feet of me, stopped and looked up. In that special moment he touched my heart, it was just the two of us.

Jill Randall – I love the colors, the textures and the contrast of the stagnant lichen with the flowing water.  I remember how contorted I was to get the angle I wanted while standing at the edge of the gorge.

Shirley Weyrauch – I have many images of beautiful vistas from our Glacier workshop.  But one of the things that fascinated me was the variety of ways water presented itself and moved throughout the park.  Snow, ice, pooled, running, rushing, trickling, falling over rocks and cliffs, the reflections, the way light played on it, the colors.  This single image incorporates many of those aspects for me.

Daryl Carrington –  Floating Rock:  Rushing water floats the rock, which we know to be heavy, but is somehow lightened by the speed of the water and the mirror-like reflections on it’s surface.

Megg McNamee – The first morning at Glacier!  I will always hold dear the memory of that spot and that moment.  My friend John and I sat breathing in the magnificence of the view in front of us when we both decided it was time to take a picture.  We turned to reach for our tripods and saw this amazing scene as the sun reached hold and did it’s magic.  Amazing.

Bud Keegan –  I saw God’s hand everywhere…He touched, and He created, and He said Remember Me.. Carved Beauty:  Breathtaking Creation Perfectly carved into the Landscape.

Shirley Weyrauch –  I loved this story and so included two of Shirley’s images. “Choosing four favorite photos from a week’s worth of work?  How does one even do that?  Well, this one was easy.  Seeing a moose was one of the things I most hoped would happen while I was at Glacier National Park, and thanks to game spotter extraordinaire, Chuck Kimmerle, that dream came true!

Joe Placer – My first impulse when I saw the raw file was to trash the image. But I dropped it into ACRand as I worked on it kept looking better and better. The line of trees leading into the scene with the Rockies in the background and the emerging cloud color made this a very satisfying image for me.




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