This installment of “Through Their Eyes” features images created by the participants on our recent Aurora workshop in Yellowknife Canada.  Included is an image from my co-leader Rod Barbee. What an amazing experience!   We will be doing it again in 2020.  There is already a big “to be notified” list, however, if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll add you as well.

Jan Sherwood –  I had no idea what to expect with this workshop…I had never seen the aurora borealis before.  The first night we were out they started out slowly…One arcing up from the horizon, then another one appeared next to it…However at some point no matter where you looked they were there. At some point I looked up and thought “WOW!” as it looked like auroras from opposite sides of the sky were meeting up and exploding.

Ginny Curtin – I enjoy listening to other folks share their thoughts after they see it for the first time.  The way the energy wrapped around itself was amazing!

Michelle Cambier – The first night of the workshop seeing the Aurora Borealis was a magical experience for me. The image I chose “Angel Wings” was taken towards the end of the night and to me it symbolizes the power and majesty of nature.

Robin Harrison – It is hard to pick just one image from so many on this bucket list trip.  The lights are best viewed in person, a picture doesn’t do them justice.  They are alive, dancing, moving around the night sky.

Kathy Elder – This is my favorite as I love the colors, bright spot of yellow, and the textures. It was my first try at shooting a pano.

Linda Russo – What an extraordinary experience photographing the Aurora Borealis in Yellowknife. One of my favorite photo is a 12 image pano stitch taken at Prosperous Lake. I was quite surprised that it actually worked, since the lights were moving. Another check on my bucket list thanks to John and Rod.

Theresa Tusa – “I was completely overwhelmed each morning we were able to photograph the magnificent Aurora Borealis, along with millions of stars!”

Roxanne Spiegel – The first time you see the Aurora Borealis is one of those moments in life you remember forever. You’ve heard about the Auroras, you’ve seen other people’s photographs of the Northern Lights and it’s a phenomenon you’ve known about since first learning about the stars as a little squirt. When you see it for yourself though, it is a precise moment in time that you etch indelibly in your memory. This photo is from our first night, my first time experiencing the incredible intersection of spirituality and science that is the Aurora Borealis. I remember exactly where I stood, the group of wonderful people I was with, who was standing right beside me and the sound of us all whooping and hollering our amazement and joy. Some people saw an angel. I saw a butterfly. This photo of the trip is my favorite because each time I see it, I am right back there in the moment, experiencing that joy and elation and camaraderie all over again.

Rod Barbee – This was my favorite image from the trip. Mainly because it was taken on the last full day, a culmination of a great week. The fall color kept getting better and better and finding this scene at the end of the trip seemed like a gift.

Small lake and fall color along the Ingraham Trail outside of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada


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