I am honored and pleased to share another installment of my “Through Their Eyes” post.  This time to Ireland!

Sandy Radom –  This is my favorite image from the workshop because I feel it contrasts the ruggedness of the Ireland coast with the softness of the water as it flows through the rocks. My images can be seen at www.sandyradomphotography.com.


Louise Shoemaker – Ireland is a country of beautiful detail.  From colorful small-town streets to epic landscapes, it is a delight to the eye and the heart.  This small scene of flowers fading into winter was my last photo in the country I love, and continues to be one of my favorites from the trip.  shoemakerphoto.com,  https://www.flickr.com/photos/colorfilcher/

Gloria Whitney  – “Ireland is a wonderful country to visit with warm friendly people, beautiful dramatic landscapes and seascapes, and colorful towns and villages.  There is always time for tea in Ireland!

Ned Whitney –  “After a few soft days we were rewarded with a morning with beautiful light at Killarney Lake.”

Pat Sweeney – “Mornings in Ireland are exceptionally beautiful but THIS morning was the best.  As I awoke and looked out my hotel room window, this is what I saw!  It’s hard to not wear an all day Irish smile when Killarney presents this beautiful “Good Morning”!

Ginny Brown – “The trip to Ireland was so spectacular, with so many locations that simply made my head spin.  We had been at a beach this day, and between the rocks, the rough surf and the waves, and the wonderful views, I felt a little overwhelmed.  Since I wasn’t able to scramble down the rocks, where I really wanted to go, I walked back to the bus and came upon this house on the way.  I was struck by its simplicity, color, and purity, and it speaks to me of the great strength of the people of this land.”

Barry Wolf – We were driving along Slea Head Drive and made this stop where you can see several Star Wars sites. I was immediately attracted to this composition of the backlight, the clouds and the Skellig islands and headed straight towards it along with Megg and Pat. Everybody else went in the opposite direction. This is my favorite image from the trip because of all the elements involved and the feeling that I get every time that I look at it.

Lea Gallardo – Of the thousands of photos taken, I keep returning to this one over and over.  It shows the harshness and the incredible beauty of the land,  the amazing colors mixed with the gray rocks, and reminds me to remember the special people who settled these remote rocks and the few who continue to live there today.

Kris Morgan – Looking out over this tranquil scene with light-rays breaking through the dark clouds to dance on the water, and tickle the green patchwork fields, I was enthralled by the simple beauty that is the land we call Ireland. I remembered my friend Nancy Rotenberg, and could hear her urging me to put down my camera, to “Stop and look at where you are!” I did, and was filled with gratitude for this gift of nature and my friend. My heart sang… I danced…

Carolyn Beauchamp – Nature has always amazed me, the grand and the small.  When I looked down and saw the water droplets on this spider web, I was, again, amazed!

Megg McNamee – Of all the places we went while in Ireland I enjoyed the Great Blasket Island the most.  Something about the remnants of life there re-awakened in me a deep respect for those that came before us.  Indeed a tough bunch!

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