Awhile ago, I wrote about “lifetime” images, and, I felt I had created one a few years ago.  I think I’ve created another.

I am just back from leading two workshops to the Capitol Reef area of Utah.  It was my honor and pleasure to have as my Co-Leader the incredible Mitch Dobrowner.  I met Mitch 11 years ago when we happened to run into each other when using the same guide service to get to the White Pocket area.  A couple of years ago, I asked Mitch if he might be interested in helping me with a workshop.  He had not taken a workshop nor lead one in his lifetime.  After a few days of thought, he was in and suggested the Capitol Reef area.

Mitch was incredibly helpful with the students and answered all of their technical questions.  And I mean all of them!  His technical knowledge is considerable, but, it is his understanding of light that blew me away.  He thinks about and sees light very differently than I have ever been taught.  I am grateful for the knowledge I gained, and, I will be using it moving forward.

This image was made well after the sun went down, on an evening where the sky just lit up with pink clouds casting a warm soft glow into the valley below.  In reviewing the images for my two other trips to this location, the images from this night are so much better.

So, what did I learn?  If you want to make incredible images, you must wait for the light to do something unusual or magical.  This is exactly what Mitch does.  He finds a composition he loves and goes back night after night waiting for the light to do something magical. It is what separates the very fine photographers from the great ones.  Patience and tenacity. Having the drive and motivation to go back over and over again for just one image.

Mitch said, a good year for him is to create 5 or 6 images that he would release to his galleries.  Think about that, six a year.

So, the fact that I feel I have now created two lifetime images in 3 years is actually pretty good!

And here is some very good news.  I did NOT drive Mitch crazy!  He has agreed to do another workshop in the future.  Stay tuned!  It will likely be in the Monument Valley area.

Below is a color version from the same night.

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