Another installment of Through Their Eyes.  This time from Scotland.  Enjoy!

Patricia Palmer. – I love this image because of the warm morning light on the mountains as well as the terrific sunrise colors.

Michelle Cambier – ” On the last morning of our stay in the Scottish Highlands, we were walking to a point for a sunrise shoot through a hilly farmland. The sun was beginning to rise and as I looked up I saw a magical sunrise. The blues in the sky turned purple and as the sun rose, bright red-Orange. I was in awe. The image is one of my favorites from the trip!”

Jamie Conway – From the moment I saw this house in the meadow with a waterfall and snowcapped peak i knew there was a wonderful image to be had.  But he first time we were there the light was flat.  So John and Peter took us back at the end of the next day and we had some lovely light.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a  house in such a unique and beautiful setting.  I love it.

Barry Wolf – This trip was so amazing and memorable in so many ways that it’s almost impossible to chose a “favorite” image. I finally selected this image from the first evening since that evening was so incredible and it set the stage for the rest of the trip. It is an IR image taken about thirty minutes after sunset.

Eva Lanyi – This image achieved favorite status because of the dramatic landscape, the beautiful sunrise, the path I walked to get to the spot where I took this image, and the memory of suddenly seeing sheep right next to me on the mountainside.  They seemed to materialize from the heather (at least I think it was heather).

Louise Shoemaker – A gnarly sky over the iconic ”Old Man of Storr” on the Isle of Skye produced wind, rain, quickly moving shadows, and, finally, light where we needed it!  The unspoiled landscape of Skye took my breath away!

Carla Francis –  Our tour began with a spectacular sunset on our first night. The reflections revealed incredible shapes and shadows, making it impossible to stop photographing this place.  I kept moving around and changing the focal length, being drawn to focusing on the tree. I was mesmerized by the reflections, colors and mist in the background. This image was worth the entire trip!

John Stritzinger – This is my favorite image because of how I felt while engaged in the making of it.  Up and on the road by 4am with our vigorous group, followed by a strenuous climb up one thousand feet of twisty trail, capped by a final (and a bit treacherous) 50 yard scramble to a very steep perch.  Image made at dawn as a 6-second long exposure that serendipitously included a fellow hiker who shone a light for his Scandinavian buddies.  Great fun!

Bill Murphy – “I like how the image caught the glint of the golden sunrise on the green hills, and on the foreground rocks and water. The sunrise, coming up over some low clouds and distant hills, provided the nice gold sky with a bright band of sun shooting off to the left. Minutes later it had totally changed.  If you look closely, there are several small white dots, sheep grazing on the green hill pasture.”

Tom D’Emic – Although not what I consider my best or most dramatic image from the trip, it does convey the mood and feelings that I experienced when I was on the Isle of Skye.

Kris Morgan – Was awed by the natural beauty of the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye… the magnificent red sunrises and amazing dance of light in the Quiraing, the cascading falls at the Fairy Pooles, the Old Man of Storrs shrouded in clouds, and much, much more were truly awesome. However, as we photographed at Eilean Donan Castle I was thinking of the spirit of the Scottish people of old surrounded by this rugged beauty. In crafting this image, it was their strength, sturdiness, endurance as reflected and embodied by the castle that touched me and made my heart sing!

Bill Francis – I like it for for the perspective it provides but I wish I gotten a bit closer to see all that steam. What steam?




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