It’s been almost two weeks since Dan, my best, friend left this earth.  He left quickly.  About 5 weeks after leaning he was riddled with cancer.  For some reason today has been especially hard.  I miss him.  I want to call as I did so many thousands of times.  I just want to share a new wave image from Molokai with him.  It really stings. Then I stop and remember all of the incredible memories I have.  We co-led 40 tours in 10 years together.  We traveled the world doing this.  We met so many incredible people, many whom we now call friend.  What a blessing.  What a gift.  I have his corny jokes to remember, if I can…   I have the memories of how kind he was to my wife, daughter and grandkids.  He knew what to say to encourage and love them. I will miss that and I know they will too.  I know this will pass and the grief will become easier, but, right now, it is hard.  If you’re reading this… thank you for holding me in my grief.  I need that right now….

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