Workshop Testimonials

“Emerson said, “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”  John has learned this secret, and has chosen to whisper it to others who share his love of nature photography.  They would do well to listen.

John communicates both his mastery of the photographic craft and the quiet magic of his vision to his workshop participants.  He infuses a reverence for nature and a joy of discovery into every image he helps create.  It is rare gift to find a kindred spirit, but participants leave John’s workshop with the feeling of having shared something truly special, something profound, and something that binds.  One can’t help but come away from a day behind the lens with John feeling moved and inspired, and a kinship with those who shared in the experience.

John’s boundless enthusiasm for sharing his love of photography is what makes me return again and again, and I can’t recommend his workshops highly enough.” Jackie PA



“When you come home after a photography workshop with John Barclay and feel a little smarter, encouraged, challenged, enthusiastic, satisfied, and a little more important and qualified  – you know his class was about more than just how to use a camera.”  Arlene FL



“Early  2005, I participated in a winter workshop instructed by John. It was such a fulfilling and inspirational experience that I keep attending his workshops afterward. John’s technical and artistic knowledge always impress me, and his fantastic images constantly inspire me. I highly recommend his workshops, and will continue to participate.”  Phil NY



“John Barclay’s workshop Dream–Believe-Create is the perfect balance of technical enlightenment and creative inspiration. I have been photographing for 30 years, but Mr. Barclay’s workshop has opened my eyes to advanced applications and stirred my innermost imagination, allowing me to focalize my dreams and believe in my creative capabilities.” Georg PA



“John’s heart lies in his love of photography and his enthusiasm for teaching.  His workshops bring the magic of his artful images to life as he inspires students to seek out intimate slices of nature that often go unnoticed.  You can’t help but see the world differently after working with John as his passion for photography is contagious!”  Betsy PA



East meets West……Barclay from Pennsylvania and Sniffin from California. These two men have combined their photographic expertise, knowledge of the territory, enthusiasm and senses of humor to put together a fabulous photo-shoot on the Eastern Side of the Sierras.  I highly recommend this team and their photo-shoots.  Mimi CA



“One of the best photo trips I have ever been on for landscapes…spectacular sunrises and sunsets, macro detail of the Bristlecones and Lichen, very old items inside Bodie buildings, and late pm. light on the Tuffa. A great group of fellow photographers. Dan and John worked very hard to make this tour a memorable one, and it was….” Shirley CA



“I have to admit, that I was very apprehensive about taking the photo tour (her first!).  Intimidation I suppose would be a better word.  However, my brother encouraged me to attend, knowing that I would appreciate the opportunity, he was right.  I started the week unsure of my cameras mechanics and finished dropping words and phrases that even impressed my husband  Chuck.  You guys (Dan Sniffin my partner on the Eastern Sierra Tour) did a fabulous job of helping me better understand how to use my camera, both mechanically as well as creatively.  I am so grateful to you both for the kind attention you gave to my learning curve.”  Dorine VA



“One of the strengths of the trip is what we saw: the scenes in the Alabama Hills, the Bristle Cone Pines, the sunsets and sunrises, the Bodie buildings – especially inside; all kept our eyes and senses keyed up. The weather gave us cloud displays almost every day.  The nature sounds in the mountains and lakes padded the visuals.  But what we understood and learned was even stronger.  History lessons, geographic experiences and to top it all, what we added to our understanding of photography and our own cameras, completed a most rewarding program. I had been afraid to take my camera setting off “automatic”, but your hands-on guidance led me into a new world… Your timing was careful and well thought out turned our days inside out but made them so rewarding. You seemed to care personally for each of us. The restaurants were part of the adventure and heightened our feeling of togetherness.” Marcia CA



“…while I consider myself a good landscape photographer, I have never stepped outside the box to do some creative things with my camera. You both have inspired me to experiment and get creative. I truly appreciate that. Thanks. Sandy — KS


“Spending a few days with Dan and John watching and listening was like a spike to an old apple tree…it starts producing fruit once again.” Dick — WA


“What a great time on this workshop. You both are wonderful and patient teachers. Thanks for all the sharing moments.” Peggy — TX


“Your workshop was ‘first class.’ I don’t know how to improve on it. Your attention to detail really paid off. I, too, will be one of your repeat customers.” Jim — PA


“John and Dan are the dream workshop team. Both have great artistic vision. They find the locations, and most of them are not the usual icons. Each of them offers a unique element…The workshops are unbelievably fun. Their strong passion for making artistic images make it all work.“ J.R. — PA


“What a great foundation you gave to my future learning and development in this endeavor. Still have so much to learn, and look forward to spending more time with you in the future.” Paul – CA

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