After 4 long days without power, we were back on the grid at 10PM last night.  We just don’t know how blessed we are until we are without do we?

The gang in the Smokies was tremendous and flexible.  Flexible as we needed to modify our schedule due to weather changing daily.  All in all, we did very well with lush open forest color and great graphic images.  Honestly, more interesting to photograph than a wall of color to me.   The blog image is another favorite from the trip.  My tour partner Dan Sniffin, found the scene.  I was initially not overwhelmed, however, when I processed it, it came to life and I understood what he saw.  A lesson was learned that day and I have now added this type of scene to my visual memory bank.  I will be looking for similar scenes in the future.  More about visual memory in the future!

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