We left Havana arriving in Tampa late afternoon.  As we arrived at our hotel, the sunset was brewing and looking pretty darn good.  I looked at Tony and said, wanna shoot it?  We were dead tired but could not resist!   We ran through the parking lot to the glass building next door and had a BLAST!!  A few more below.  All shot handheld with the Fuji X-E1

I came across a new quote from Max Planck.   “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  I think this applies to photography as much as it does our lives.  Oft times we think we know someone, until we look at them through a different pair of glasses.  Walk in their shoes if you will.  I find it much the same with photography.  To many the building next door to our hotel was just a place of work, another building.  For me, it was a giant mirror reflecting the amazing display in the sky that night. A perfect graphic design to add to the sunset.


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