Previously, I showed a few abstract images taken of the bridge while on it.  These images are from a parking lot  at sunset.  The blue (below) is from the twilight hour and the other much later.

Yesterday, I forgot to share one other piece of news.  Some of you may remember, I have the privilege of being part of Dewitt Jones Healing Images project.   Recently he posted a great story about some students at the College of Business at North Dakota State University.  If you click on this link you can read the short piece about that project and how Bethany Retirement Living in Fargo ended up using Healing Images for their walls.  The fun part is the image featured is one of mine!  Fun because there are 1,000 images they can choose from including images from the likes of Tony Sweet, Dewitt Jones, George Lepp and Valerie Millett.  If you click the images associated with the story you’ll see my JB signature on the print.  In fact on another, you’ll see a shot of mine from Tuscany with the round hay bale.

PLEASE spread the word to your communities about Healing Images.  It is an inexpensive way for retirement homes, hospices, hospitals, etc. to decorate their walls bringing joy to those who might have to be in these oft times uncomfortable places.  As the site says….

Extraordinary Art – Affordable Prices.

At Healing Images, top photographers DONATE their work so that you can buy stunning photographic images for your healthcare facility AT OUR COST!

Our galleries are full of breathtaking images waiting to be made into gallery-wrapped canvas prints ready to hang on your walls

Making high quality art truly affordable is our goal.


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