Once again, I was blessed with a great group over the weekend for the Eastern State Penitentiary, Graffiti Underground and Fonthill workshop.  My friend Dalyn (see pictures below) was kind enough to join us again as our model.  This time I said, come dressed as you wish, always risky!  Only he would come looking as he did!  Needless to say we had a bunch of fun!

The lead image is a jpeg capture of the wonderful Fonthill before we went inside to shoot.  Its a jpeg, because I accidentally switched my camera to jpeg instead of RAW.  That said, I am BLOWN AWAY by the quality of the jpeg out of the Fuji X-E1.  WOOOWW!   All I did was warm it up just a touch and nothing else.  It is tack sharp and the detail was crazy good.  Exposure spot on in aperture mode and other than being just a tad cool the colors were great!  I have friends that are shooting Fuji jpeg and RAW and never need to convert the RAW file because the jpegs are so good.  I was always suspicious but now understand their comments.  The game is changing folks.  The new crop of “mirror-less” cameras are getting really good.  I can’t wait for the Fuji X-Pro 2 due out later this year.  I’m sure it will have all the goodies from the new X100s and more which means it is gonna be pretty much all I’ll need most of the time.

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