As most of you know, we are blessed to have my granddaughter Abigail living with us along with her Mom and Dad.   Abby is so much fun and always finds her way into my office.  I am forever putting my hats on her hoping to capture a cute moment.  Yesterday I was able to make this one capture before she took the hat off and moved on.  I’ve been trying to get a “great” shot of Abby for months!  She is fast and the light in my office is always a challenge, typically too dark for a fast enough shutter speed.  That said, I have not been deterred and ALWAYS have my Fuji X-E1 handy.  

I recently purchased the 35mm 1.4 lens and had it wide open at 1.4 for this capture with the ISO up to 1600.  And lo and behold, MAGIC happened!  So the moral of the story is, have a camera ready, pre-visualize an opportunity and be prepared, you never know what might happen.   For me, these new mirrorless cameras are making photography spontaneous and fun again.  Their size makes it so there is no excuse not have a camera with you.  And the quality of the images from the Fuji X-Trans sensor is nothing short of amazing.  I am grateful that I had my camera sitting on my desk for this shot!

So, what about you?  Are you looking to join the mirror-less revolution?  Sony, Olympus and Fuji are all offering great cameras.  I’d be interested to know what folks are doing.

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For processing I brought up the crazy good Alien Skin Exposure 5 for the B&W conversion and then blended that back in with the original at 60% opacity for the third look.  The lead image is a straight out of the camera jpeg shot in the square format.

One last thought, I’m trying a new plug-it for WordPress that allows me to add these click to tweet boxes making it easy for you to share content that you like.  We live in a social media world and I would appreciate your sharing if you feel so inspired.

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