Cape Cod_2013Nov08_0202

Last week was a very good week.  On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to speak to a very receptive group at a well organized meet-up in Plymouth MA.  Thank you Amy Davies and Betty Wiley for organized this and doing a great job.

Next, I went to Cape Cod to meet with Jeff Lovinger for our long weekend workshop.  We had a bit of rain and lots of windy weather, however, this group was TOUGH and we had a grand time!

As usual, I managed to snap off a few keepers during the weekend.  I just love these old day cottages and could not resist another shot at them.  This time, I had my trusty Fuji X-E1 with me and placed it on the ground for a unique perspective.  The stormy weather and blast of good light all made this moment work.   Funny, but with the big Nikon, I would never have thought to do this…. but with the smaller Fuji I did.  This is part of the draw of that little camera.  For whatever reason, the smaller, lighter camera seems to liberate me.  I find myself shooting a LOT more with it and trying things I might not normally try.  A new perspective!

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